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Drone Property Photographer London

Drone Property Photography London

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London Estate Photography is the leading drone photography service for affordable and bespoke drone property photography in London. Our aerial photography provides bespoke drone images for estate agents, property owners, investors, commercial developers, construction sites, Airbnb hosts, and more.

Experienced In Aerial Imagery

Professional drone pilot Frank Biganski is a certified remote drone pilot since 2018. Frank holds a CAA GVC certification in the United Kingdom and an FAA Part 107 certification in the United States. Frank’s years of experience and training will deliver affordable stunning drone photography that will provide a unique perspective to elevate your property marketing.

With over 80 hours of logged drone flight time and over 400 drone flights, clients can rest assured that Frank’s commitment to safety and quality goes unsurpassed. Furthermore, every flight is backed by Frank’s CAA certification and comprehensive insurance policies to ensure your project is conducted in a professional manor to deliver exceptional imagery every time.

London Drone Property Photography

London Estate Photography provides drone property photography services across all London boroughs. Furthermore, photographer Frank Biganski holds a certified remote pilot status granted by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) with a GVC Operational Authorization. Consequently, this accreditation enables Frank to conduct drone property photography flights across the United Kingdom and Scotland. Notably, possessing the GVC certification demonstrates Frank’s completion of thorough training and testing, ensuring the highest standards of safety in all London drone property photography operations he undertakes.

Drone Photography for £75

Customers can add drone property photography to any regular property photo package for an additional £75. This will provide about a half-dozen drone images to highlight the subject property. For example, images might provide the property’s location to the City of London or just a bird’s eye view of a property. Moreover, it may accentuate a lovely garden, pool, show extensive landscaping, or provide an eye-level view of a penthouse flat. Pricing for just drone photography is £175 and will provide between 1 to 8 images depending on job assignment.

Increase online click-thru rates by nearly 70%

Implementation of drone images has a proven track record of receiving more calls and click-thru than listings that are not using drone images. Most council byelaws permit the use of drones to photograph any property in London. Firstly, it must be permitted as stipulated by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and as outlined in The Air Navigation Order 2016. Secondly, this allows the use of low-risk drones weighing less than 250 grams to launch from private property. Thirdly, only a handful of London councils mandate drone flights are conducted by a certified remote pilot. Lastly, nearly all councils prohibit the launching of drones in public parks and spaces.

Moreover, “filming” or videotaping in and over most boroughs requires council permission and approval. In turn, this involves making application with the Council, paying a nominal fee, and waiting about 10 working days for approval. Conversely, the customer and remote pilot could face fines if byelaws are not adhered to. In short, it’s always best to hire a certified remote drone pilot before engaging in any commercial drone operations.

London Drone Property Photography

Launching a drone within restricted airspace, as illustrated in the map below, is allowable under specific conditions. However, prior to commencing such operations, a certified remote pilot must secure approval from the National Air Traffic Services (NATS). Application for flight authorisation must be made a minimum of seven days prior to flight operation. To ensure the best images are provided, and considering England’s wet weather conditions, a two-week “weather-window” is typically granted for all drone flight operations. Finally, on the day of flight, the drone pilot must receive a flight code from the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection agency 60 minutes prior to flight.

London Drone Property Photography

Low-Risk Lightweight Drones

Frank actively provides drone property photography services across every London borough. Moreover, his status as a certified remote pilot, granted by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) with a GVC Operational Authorization, empowers him to conduct drone property photography flights throughout the United Kingdom and Scotland. Notably, the possession of the GVC certification attests to Frank’s completion of rigorous training and testing, guaranteeing the utmost safety standards in all his operations involving London drone property photography.

For this purpose, Frank has curated a list of London boroughs allowing the launch of drones for photographic purposes on private land. He sourced this information directly from the Council websites which primarily focuses on drone usage over parks and public spaces. However, the list specifically applies to private property launches and photography, excluding filming and videotaping activities.

In instances where councils lack defined drone rules or bylaws, the regulations set by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) take precedence. CAA drone laws are consistently enforceable, and London Estate Photography does not assume responsibility or liability for the provided information, emphasizing that it’s not intended as legal guidance. Adherence to CAA UAS drone laws, outlined in The Air Navigation Order 2016, remains mandatory.

This list specifically concerns the launching and flight of lightweight, low-risk drones, weighing under 250 grams, exclusively from private property for photographic purposes. To reiterate, the allowance applies solely to lightweight drones launched from private property for photography.

London Property Photography
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