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Virtual Property Staging London UK

With the advent of AutoCAD 3D software, virtual property staging has become so perfected that it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between a virtually staged property and a physically staged property. Virtual property staging removes that cold, abandoned, and empty feeling of an unstaged home whilst making the property more desirable.

It can cost between £1,000 to over £5,000 to physically stage a property. But with virtual staging prices at just £40 per image, virtual property staging is an affordable option to help enhance your property’s online presence. Virtual staging is also perfect for new construction or lettings as the same images can be utilized multiple times.

81% of home buyers surveyed found it easier to visualize a property as a future home when it was staged, and properties lease or sell 73% quicker than an unstaged property. Online buyers or tenants spend about 7 to 10 seconds looking at an image, so grab and hold on to their attention using virtual property staging on your next listing.

How to Order Virtual Property Staging
After the client downloads their images, the client then selects the photo numbers and the style of the virtual furniture desired. Frank cannot make these selections for the client, but he is happy to assist. After images and furniture are chosen, an invoice is created and the services are paid in advance.

Virtually staged property images are delivered within 24 to 72 hours, depending on quantity of images ordered. All images include wall art, tables, lamps, and accessories. Unlimited reasonable revisions are provided at no additional charge, but revisions take an additional 24-36 hours to re-deliver. Reasonable revisions do not include the selection of new furniture, changing the style or color of furniture, or placement of furniture. Revisions are limited to the quality of work only; furniture or kitchen appliances appear too big or small; the removal of some items such as table accessors or wall art; items or decorations that may be placed on counters or tabletops, etc.

Frank’s artist has nearly 130 reception room furniture styles to choose from, over 100 bedroom suites and dining room sets, and a bevy of choices for media rooms, offices, dens, studies, outdoor living spaces, and exercise rooms as well. Contact Frank to receive a private link to preview the wide selection of virtual property furniture available.

Still Not A Fan Of Virtual Staging?
As a former estate agent for nearly twenty years in the U.S., Frank understands the challenges for estate agents when showing a vacant home that was virtually staged. With that said, here’s several London-based home staging companies for your consideration. Please note that Frank is not associated with these companies and he does not receive compensation by providing these references. These companies are simply provided by Frank for your convenience.

Additional Resources

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