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Architectural Photographer London

Architectural Photographer London

ArchVIZ Property Photography

Frank Biganski is an architectural property photographer in London. Specifically, the merging architectural property photography and 3D human renderings into marketing imagery is instantly recognisable. Using the latest in AI technology, Frank will transform static and boring architectural images into imagery that will literally come alive. Providing an environment with people and people-in-motion creates a strong sense of community and use. In turn, this encourages and invites prospective clients and tenants to preview even the most sterile commercial environments.

London Architectural Photography

London architectural photographer Frank Biganski prices each job similarly to photographing a residential home or flat. The time spent on location, combined with the amount of images a property naturally produces, will determine the pricing and photography package.  For example, if you have a 600 sq. ft. recording studio with a few rooms, the £50 photo package with 10 images might suffice. Or, a 1,500 sq. ft. commercial coworking office space with reception center, 6 private offices and 1 meeting room, the £125 photo package is a brilliant choice. Similarly, if you have a restaurant with 2,500 sq. ft. with two dining areas, a large pub with table seating, then the £195 photo package with 70 images would suite you well.

Equally important, to incorporate 3D people seamlessly into any static image, the starting cost is £75 per human. Consequently, depending on the image composition, some scenarios may necessitate only one to three people, whilst other images might call for over a dozen individuals. Once your standard images are delivered, we’ll engage in a thorough discussion about your specific requirements. This conversation will help us pinpoint the optimal level of “people-activity” essential to infuse vitality into your images.

Insured Architectural Photographer

Architectural photographer Frank Biganski retains professional indemnity and public liability insurance policies as required by law. This provides clients with peace of mind of knowing their best interests are always protected. Frank understands how important it is to have a photographer both you and your clients can always rely on, so Frank will never send a subcontracted photographer to your client’s commercial property photoshoot.

Commercial Drone Architectural Photographer

Frank holds a GVC drone certification from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). This permits Frank to legally operate a drone for commercial purposes within London. GVC certification ensures you and your clients that Frank has undergone extensive drone flight training and remote pilot competency testing. In turn, the highest attention to flight safety is always adhered to. Frank utilises lightweight low-risk drones which permits Frank to fly in the heart of the City of London, and in all boroughs too. Architectural drone photography is priced between £75 to £175 depending upon complexity of the property’s location, not including 3D people. For more information about commercial drone operations within London, please visit our drone page.

London Property Photography
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