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London Drone Property Photography

£75 With Any Photo Package
£175 For Just Drone Photography.

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Drone Property Photographer

Frank is a drone property photographer who holds GVC Operational Authorisation from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). This permits Frank to conduct London drone property photography flight operations in United Kingdom and Scotland. Holding a GVC certification with the CAA ensures you that Frank has taken comprehensive training and testing to ensure that your London drone property photography operations are conducted with the highest level of safety.

Low-Risk Lightweight Drones

Frank offers low-risk London drone property photography in just about any location, even if its located on a busy street (subject to byelaws of your local council). The CAA has authorised the use of low-risk drones weighing less than 250 grams to launch within 30 meters of uninvolved pedestrians and buildings, providing of course all safety measures are adhered to.

London Drone Property Photography

It is possible to launch a drone in controlled and restricted airspace as outlined in the map below but doing so requires making an application to NATS (National Air Traffic Services).  Frank makes application for flight authorisation on behalf of a customer, and the application takes a minimum of 21 days for approval. All drones, including low-risk drones, have built-in GPS. So drones are not able to launch in restricted flight zones without first receiving NATS approval and then, an unlocking code from the drone manufacturer.

Add Drone Photography for £75

You can add drone property photography to any regular photo package for only £75, which includes about 6 drone images that will highlight a property’s location to the city or local parks, show a bird’s eye view of a property, accentuate a garden or pool, etc.

Increase online click-thru rates by nearly 70%!

Most council byelaws permit the use of drones to photograph still images as stipulated by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and as outlined in The Air Navigation Order 2016. In short, this allows the use of low-risk drones weighing less than 250 grams to launch from private property to take photographs. A few London councils mandate that all drone flights are conducted by a certified remote pilot, and nearly all councils prohibit the launching of drones in public parks and spaces. However, “filming” or videotaping in and over most boroughs requires council permission and approval, which involves making application, paying a nominal fee, and waiting about 10 working days for approval.

Frank’s compiled a list of London boroughs that permit the launching of drones for photographic purposes on private land. This information was obtained from borough websites which primarily, have only defined the use of drones over parks and public spaces. The list only pertains to the private hiring to photograph private properties, and not filming/videotaping.

When councils do not define a drone or model aircraft rule or byelaw, CAA law prevails. CAA drone laws always prevail however, council byelaws are enforceable. London Estate Photography assumes no responsible or liability for providing this information, and this information is not intended as a legal guide. CAA UAS drone laws must be adhered to at all times and as outlined in The Air Navigation Order 2016.

Again, this list pertains to the launching of a lightweight low-risk drone (>250 grams) from private property for photographic purposes only and not for filming or videotaping.

  • Barking and Dagenham – Permissible. Need consent of council to launch in public parks.
  • Barnet – Permissible in public parks.
  • Bexley – Permissible. No mention of drones or model aircraft in byelaws.
  • Brent – Permissible. Not in public parks.
  • Bromley – Permissible. Byelaws only address “combustible propulsion” flights in public parks.
  • Camden – Permissible. Byelaws do not reference flight in public parks or spaces.
  • Canary Wharf – No. Although not a borough, launching of drones is strictly prohibited.
  • Croydon – Permissible. Byelaws do not address the flight of drones in public parks.
  • Dartford – Permissible. Also permissible in public parks except for Dartford Heath. Not a London borough.
  • Ealing – Permissible. Flight in public parks allowed subject to ranger’s discretion.
  • Enfield – Permissible. No reference in byelaws.
  • Greenwich – Permissible. No flights in public parks “without reasonable excuse”.
  • Hackney – Permissible. Not in public parks.
  • Hammersmith & Fulham – Permissible. Fulham is located within a restricted flight zone.
  • Haringey – Permissible. Byelaws not defined for flying in public parks.
  • Harrow – Permissible. Application to council required for flight in public parks.
  • Havering – Permissible. No flights in public parks except for Bedfords Park.
  • Hillingdon – Permissible. Not in public parks.
    (74% of Hillingdon is located within a Heathrow flight restriction zone)
  • Islington – Permissible. Not in public parks.
  • Kensington & Chelsea – Permissible. Note that Chelsea and Kensington are located within flight restriction zones.
  • Kingston – Permissible. No reference to drone flights in public parks.
  • Lambeth – Permissible. Not in public parks “without reasonable excuse”.
  • Lewisham – Permissible. Clearly states no-drone-flying in public parks.
  • City of London – No. Located within its own R158, R160, and CTR restricted flight zones.
  • Merton – Permissible. Only permissible in defined area of Merton Park.
  • Newham – Permissible. Not in public parks.
  • Redbridge – Permissible. Not in public parks “without reasonable excuse”.
  • Southwark – Permissible only when remote pilot is certified. Not in public parks “without reasonable excuse”.
  • Sutton – Permissible. Not in public parks.
  • Tower Hamlets – Permissible. Not in public parks.
  • Waltham Forest – Permissible. Flights in public parks only with consent from council.
  • Wandsworth – Permissible. Not in public parks. Some of Wandsworth is located within the London Heliport flight restriction zone which requires a remote pilot to make an online application for flight approval. A fee of either £30 or £180 will apply depending on property’s location to heliport.
  • Westminster – No. Located within the R158, R160, and CTR restricted flight zones.

For a legal review on drone laws and council byelaws, click here.

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